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Hi, I haven't been posted any new articles on this blog form a long time. But I have started another blog named on which I am posting the Sony Ericsson related news and stuff. So just head over to the new blog to get the sony ericsson related stuff.

I have posted the Sony Ericsson Xperia ray specifications and Release Date on the, you can read it here at Sony Ericsson Xperia ray Specifications and Release Date.


F-Secure, is a well famous for providing security applications like anti virus for PC and mobiles. F-Secure released an application called Anti Theft for SonyEricsson. The anti theft application for SonyEricsson can protect our confidential data like bank account numbers, passwords, credit card numbers.

Anti theft application protects our confidential information like credit card numbers, bank account numbers and passwords...ect by automatically locking the device on SIM card change or we can wipe the data on our mobile by sending a text message.

Features: -
Remote Lock
Remote Wipe
Remote Locate
Lock When SIM Changed
Report SIM Chnage

Supported Devices: - SonyEricsson Satio, Vivaz, Vivaz Pro

F-Secure Anti Theft


Use VOIP on your mobile and call for free from your mobile to another mobile for free. VOIP refers to VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOLS and which transfer your calls from our traditional GSM to GPRS. This VOIP is a service on which we can make calls to another VOIP users or to any numbers. We can make free calls for free using the NIMBUZZ application, on which we can use g-talk, AIM, MSN, YAHOO, ICQ and Skype. So using this feature we can make calls to the people or friends who are online without any GSM charges. But GPRS charges apply to use this service. As we compare the average to the rates we can say that this is better to that of GSM cals, so use this to make calls for lower charges. We not only can call, we can send text messages for free from this application. This is a best applications for who have an unlimited or having huge amount of data transfer on their mobile plans can make calls absolutely for free. So use this application on your mobile to make calls for free or for low charges.

Nimbuzz lar

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